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Lawrence Brantley Memorial

Hello !
This is an exciting time of the year! The summer festival, event and parade season is here, and the Hector Lavoe movie is coming out this summer.

If you want to get in touch with us here at salsarican, please note our new e-mail address, which will be updated shortly on the website:

Ciao, peace and out,
Les Rivera
SALSA VIVALDI...The Bronx & Beverly Hills unite!
And who says opposites don’t attract? Mix hard core SALSA Dura (energetic 1970’s Nuyorican salsa) with… of all things… CLASSICAL Music, on ONE stage, performing in a DUEL… The result is an EXPLOSIVE and CLIMAXIC experience to the ear.

The genius of Jimmy Bosch along with his band is continuing with their spectacular series of performances, together with symphony orchestras. Salsa fans are tranquilized, while most classical music fans are left with reactions of ultimate heaven. The few ultra conservative classical music fans left in shock and disgust wouldn’t even dare mix a Puerto Rican or Dominican mofongo with their imported caviar! WEPA!

Oh, who wins the duel? YOU decide!... If you want to experience salsa like never before, don’t miss the upcoming live SALSA VIVALDI events (Events subject to change):

AUG 22 & AUG 24 @ 8pm: Los Angeles, CA:
Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA (323) 850-2000

DEC 19: Miami, FL:
Miami Symphony, Miami, FL 33173, (305) 276-5666

Image JUNE 4: Long Beach, CA: Dia de San Juan Festival.

JUNE 11: New York City, NY: National Puerto Rican Parade. 2006 Grand Marshall: Marc Anthony, 11am. On Fifth Avenue, from 44th. to 86th. Streets.

JUNE 17: Los Angeles, CA: Spanish Harlem Orchestra @ Playboy Jazz Festival.

AUGUST 18: New York, NY: Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Westhampton Beach, 8:30pm.

AUGUST 19: Los Angeles, CA: Ismael Miranda, Tabaco y Ron & Ricky Gonzalez @ Hollywood Park and Casino, 8pm. Latin Fire Productions. (818) 679-9456

AUGUST 20: San Jose, CA: Spanish Harlem Orchestra @ San Jose Jazz Festival.

AUGUST 26: Chicago, IL: Spanish Harlem Orchestra @ Ravinia, 8pm.

OCTOBER 3 & 4: Oakland, CA: Jimmy Bosch Band at Yoshi's:

APRIL 2007, Los Angeles: 2nd Annual Festival del Cuatro (Exact date TBD)

A tribute to YOMO TORO, loved by millions!!
Image If you claim to know the history of salsa, then Yomo Toro needs no introduction. Maestro Yomo should as easily qualify as a legend of his cuatro as Cachao does his contrabass.

Yomo Toro is still kicking hard at selected venues. He was in action as recently as the Fania Allstars Renuion concert in Atlanta, and at our very own Cuatro Festival in Long beach, CA. He's also still issuing new CD's, with his latest CD, ..................

Yomo, however, is so much more than simply a superstar musician still performing. For those of us fortunate to call Yomo a friend or a "hermano", personally knowing Yomo means knowing one of the nicest, most down to eart human being one can possibly know. Loved by millions, myself included (ever since I first saw him perform with Hector Lavoe in the 1970's), THANK YOU YOMO!
A tribute to DON JIBARO, of the WORLD WIDE NET!
Image There is hardly a Puerto Rican on Earth who hasn't heard about Don Jibaro. There is also a Boricua Latino CULTURAL website that carries more punch among salsa fans around the world than any other, and that's Don Jibaro's website:

If a person could be nominated as the World Ambassor of all Good, it would be Don Jibaro! True lifelong friends are hard to find. Most of us only have one or two... Getting together with my closest friend and confidant is like waking up to a beautiful sunny morning every day!
Then we recommend getting your copies of the FANIA recordings remixed, now on sale everywhere!

By frequent request: ¡Latino Life in the USA!
...a Latino "Everything" reference source.
Exciting New live events schedule.
New articles
...and more!

LEARNING TO DANCE SALSA? Check out the videos found at



Red Headed Films Project ~ The Micawber's Dance Video.
On going weekly reports:
Under the Red Headed Films founder Daria Finn, and Choreographer starting March 25th at Irish Pub Micawbers a Country - Race Car theme dance video is being rehersed for the April 1st and 2nd final dance routine shoot.  The dance video depicts a female race car driver who is working at Micawbers and who is attempting to break in to NASCAR professional race car circut - culture.
The video is a prelude to a locally produced movie of the same theme which is be filmed locally.  This is Ithaca's first real attempt in getting a major independent " drama " film locally since the 50'sThis also is in keeping with Ithaca being one of the major market for independent produced films purching markets nation wide.  Stay tunned for additional story bi - line shorts and casing calls.  For additional details see Red Headed Films WebSite.


Professional Dance Troupe Auditions:
Salsa Wild of The Falcon and Doves Dance Troupe will be holding dance auditions.   Positions available 8 males and 8 females.   Must have two years classical ballet, have a recent documented medical examination, as well as a passport, and a clean police record.  This is for performances starting in October 2006.  Bookings State, National, and International.  Depending upon background weekly income up to $ 400.00.
Stay posted for April and May auditions.  All other information confidential, and all members of troupe will be under contract. 
For those who wish to get their name earlier email

Summer Teacher Training:
3 month program in which three adjudicated dance standards ( Bronze, Silver, and Gold ) are confirmed.  Class size maximum 24.  Weekly training schedule is for 24 hours in which 16 hours of minimum practice are also required. Applicants will be auditioned ( as to insure completion of program base upon skills testing ), required to have a recent medical exam, two character references are also required, and that a two year background in classical ballet is helpful but not required. Minimum number needed is 8 students.  Send inquiries as to cost and more information on contractual terms at  .. 


In addition:
The All American Dance Troupe of  the 377th V.V.A.
!2 to 18 year olds are sought for auditions in a master list of  positions and rankings in the All American Dance Troupe.  Teen mangers and support personel are also sought ( so if you do not want to dance and still would like to be involve then you are also in ! See [ WebPage ] for details.  Interested teens email today!


December 12, 2005 after consulting with three I.S.O.'s the need for a resource network was placed before the internet planning board - forum, by Eric Or from USLA.  It was agreed that a network was most advisable.  
The network is now reaching out through the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC internet network is its utility supporting websites.  [ Side bar - the total hits for November, 2005 was 680,000 ]. 
Last reported known campuses  who had or have planned an International Cultural Fiesta stands at 11.  The previous year was only 7.   In addition to International and Ethnic fashions and food, the network is soliciting dance talent and performing dance troupes to enlist.  Go to website - as in the above underline story bi -line.
Those who are further interested are encourage to join Scholars 2000 Forum . RMC / Editor.


  Sharing    " Our " Cultures
National Dance Week Ithaca, New York Scheduled for April 21 to April 30, 2006
A celebration of  National Dance Week
State Theatre - Ithaca, NY 14850 ( 607 ) 273 - 4497
Archived 8/30/2005
Dance, Dancing, and Social Dances are increasing'ly popular. plus the massive  explosions of dance theatre,  the excitment of people creating new dance costumes, the rehersals, the nervous engeries, and all the artisitc expectations are flowing into this week of events.  Moreover, and in view of others events in Central New York, catching up to the Dance Competitions at the New York State Fair  Syracuse in popularity is not far off.  Listed are the events which is making dance in Ithaca, a leading sociocultural component of the cultural foundations of the entire Central  New York region. 
The Events and Master Dance Classes :
4/24 - West African Druming, and Dance Class 12 - 1:30 PM, and 3-5PM  featuring Master Dancer, Biboti Ouikahilo at CSMA.
4/24 - Earth Day Celebration 12-6 PM at the Farmers Market.
4/25 - Belly Dancing: Open Class 7:30-8:30PM at CSMA
4/26 - Contact Improv. Jam 7:30-9PM at Tiamat Studios, 136 East State Street, Ithaca
4/27 - Modern Dance, Diane Cahill, 7:05-8:35PM at the New England Ballet Company of Ithaca, 108 West State Street.
4/27 - Master Ballroom Theatre Arts Classes both basics and advance two sessions by roger M. Christian and Cinnamon Espinosa 7-8:30 & 8:30 - 10PM at The Cornell Daily Sun Location.
4/28 - Ithaca AACA - Children's Ribbon Dance 5PM Conga Line on The commons 5:30 - 6:30 PM on the Ithaca's Commons.
4/28 - Master Latina Danza de Arte Classes both basics and advance, two sessions by Roger M. Christian and Alysia Radder 7-8:30 & 8:30-10PM at The Cornell Daily Sun
4/29 Sharing our Cultures 8PM, a clebration of National Dance Week, Ithaca, State Theatre, Ithaca, New York
4/30 - Rockett Dance Workshop 12:30 - 1:30 PM at The Ithaca Academy of Dance.
4/30 - Community Event at The Ithaca Youth Bureau.
4/30 - Sharing our Cultures 2pm & 8PM, a celebration of National Dance Week,  Ithaca, State Theatre, Ithaca, New York.
5/1 - Envision 2006, NDW Planning, Celebration at 1-3 PM and it is open to the public, location CSMA. 
21 Dance Companies to participate in Ithaca's largest dance event to date.
Other Events are going to be added.
This is the best yet.  Story Bi - to continue
Roger M. Christian